Woyome accuses De Sooso’s dwarfs of stealing the Ghc 51.2 million

Mr. Alfred Woyome, described by many Ghanaians as a good and honest business man, has reportedly accused Anita De Sooso’s dwarfs of stealing an amount of Ghc 51.2 million from his bank account.

The accusation comes just a day after Mr. Woyome was ordered by Ghana’s Supreme Court to refund the Ghc51.2 million judgement debt paid him by the state. “We respect the ruling by the Supreme Court and we would have loved to refund the money but that will not be possible as the money has disappeared from Mr. Woyome’s account. The money has been stolen by the De Sooso’s dwarfs,” said one gentleman claiming to be the businessman’s spokesperson.

Earlier this year, one economic expert, Anita De Sooso, asserted that the mischievous dwarfs were responsible for the Cedi’s depreciation. She claimed the dwarfs have been stealing Ghana’s foreign currencies from banks and other financial institutions, and this inadvertently affects the Cedi’s stability.

Mr. Woyome pleaded with the Ghanaians government to bear with him while he tries to recover the money from the unscrupulous dwarfs.

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