Woyome to pay GHC51m judgement debt with pesewa coins

The Attorney General may have been pleased to learn Alfred Woyome will be refunding the GHC51m judgement debt earlier than expected, but the other side of the coin is that counting the money could take hours, if not days to complete.

Sources say Alfred Woyome, the financial engineer at the centre of the controversial judgement debt case will repay the state with 5,100,000,000 pieces of one pesewa coins.

This comes only days after Woyome’s lawyers disclosed their client’s intentions to refund the money by the end of the year. The Supreme Court had, in 2014, ordered Alfred Woyome to refund the GHC51m judgement debt payment he received between 2009 and 2010.

A source close to the Woyome camp explained that the decision to repay the GHC51m in pesewa coins is not a deliberate attempt to pay back Ghanaians in their own coin but only an expression of the financial engineer’s displeasure with friends and collaborators within the present administration “for making him [Woyome] a scapegoat when certain government officials were equally as guilty.”

The source further disclosed that thousands of plastic sacks containing the shrapnel have been sent to a safe house, ready to be handed over to the AG’s department at a moment’s notice. He gave assurances that “the money is ready and will be paid in full; Not a pesewa more, not a pesewa less.”

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