Agyarko’s coefficient formula proves that $510m > $1.3bn

Energy Minister, Boakye Agyarko claims he has a formula which proves that a deal costing the tax payer $1.3 billion is more cost effective than one worth $510 million.

Otherwise known as ‘The Agyarko Coefficient’, the formula is believed to be a modification of the famous Nyantekyi Coefficient Formula which formed the basis of distribution of all kickbacks and backhanders within Ghana Football Association.

Explaining the formula, the minister said the Agyarko Coefficient is a complex combination of a number politico-mathematical principles including Create and Loot Permutations, the Gravy Train Equation and the Footsoldier Theorem.

Mr. Agyarko who led the government’s renegotiation of the AMERI deal hoped his “coefficient formula would give NPP footsoldiers the ammunition to defend the indefensible.”