Awurade GBC ade nkwasiasem!

If you are a Ghanaian and you enjoyed basking in the glory of Kwasi Enin for accomplishing the rare feat of being accepted to all 8 of the prestigious Ivy League universities, then prepare yourself for yet another round of celebrations.

Please step forward Mr. Fraudster  Fauster Atta Mensah, the youngest Noble Laureate. This previously unknown linguistics/aeronautics/robotics/photoshop whiz-kid was tracked down by the highly professional journalists working at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC). Through the extreme diligence that has become the hallmark of the national broadcaster, we have been given the privilege to hear from Fraudster Fauster in his first ever TV interview in Ghana.

You know you are in for an epic show when the presenter spends a whole 3.5 minutes introducing his guest. Please watch the interview below, it is hugely inspirational.



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