Boris Kodjoe to take acting lessons from Mahama

Hollywood star Boris Kodjoe will take acting lessons from acting maestro President John Dramani Mahama- who has trained several big name actors including Elvis Weeping Afriyie.

The actor who has starred in several Hollywood movies including Love & Basketball is believed to have been impressed by the president’s performance- “a performance which moved Kodjoe to erroneously describe the Ghanaian president as a ‘great man who sees tremendous value in the empowerment of girls and pushes hard to end child marriages in Ghana.'”

Kodjoe, 42, and of Ghanaian descent will take a seven day masterclass with John Mahama who is still travelling the United States after attending the UN General Assembly.

A Hollywood insider described President Mahama as an “acting maestro who is good at acting as though he has the interest of Ghanaians at heart while he and his cronies continue to plunder the nation’s resources.”