Dwelling in cramped living conditions to be added to SHS curriculum- GES

Lessons in how to “manage” dwelling in cramped living conditions and overcrowded spaces will be added to the senior high school curriculum, according to the Ghana Education Service.

The public relations officer of GES described the new addition to the curriculum as “an essential and relevant” skill needed to survive in our senior high schools as government continues to pile pressure on school administrators to take on hundreds of extra students in spite of concerns over perilously congested classrooms and dormitories.

The PRO was quick to deny claims that the ill-conceived Computerised School Selection and Placement System is responsible for the unprecedented demand for places in a few select schools.

He was however confident that the new addition to the curriculum will teach your teenage children to “manage” the cramped living conditions. “These children will learn to “manage,” even if they have to sleep on top of each other,” he said.

“We are Ghanaians, that’s what we do best. We “manage” rather than find long lasting solutions to our problems,” he added.