Halidu offered a Ghallywood role after successfully feigning remorse

In a bizarre turn of events, Alhaji Halidu Haruna, the former government communicator who recently labelled unmarried Ghallywood stars as ‘prostitutes’ has been offered a role in an upcoming Ghallywood movie.

Producers of “Dumbo and the Dead Goat” confirmed intentions to offer Halidu a lead role in the new Ghallywood drama. An executive producer revealed that the production team was hugely impressed with Halidu’s ability to successfully play the role of a remorseful politician during a radio interview yesterday. “This man is an acting genius. One minute he is playing the role of a misogynistic bootlicking footsoldier, the next minute he is acting as a repentant politician looking to win a seat in parliament.”

“He did remarkably well to sound vaguely sorry for his disparaging remarks about all unmarried 30 year old female citizens while claiming he is morally and intellectually fit to serve as an honourable member of parliament.”

Another member of the production team compared Halidu to one of Ghana’s greatest contemporary actors. “Halidu’s ability to switch roles reminds me of the one and only ‘Weeping Elvis.’ The only actor with the ability to swiftly switch from a composed confident minister to a sobbing broken man in a blink of an eye. Halidu is definitely on par with Elvis.”

Halidu’s exceptional acting skills has also prompted Ghallywood talent scouts to rewrite their scouting handbook. A prominent talent scout confirm that talent agencies are now actively trying to recruit politicians into Ghallywood. “It seems the ability to act comes naturally to these politicians. Just look at how they speak about dumsor; they speak like they are in this with us but their homes are powered by generators and private power plants.”

“They are exceptionally good at feigning concern for the ordinary man and woman on the street,” he added. 

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