Instagram to ban users who use #NoFilter tag when they have actually used filters

Instagram has reportedly announced plans to ban users who use the #NoFilter tag on their photos when the photos actually do have filters.

The move to ban such users is believed to be supported by many of the photo-sharing site’s users who claim to have been deceived by other users with photos that made them look considerably different from how they actually look. “I started talking to this girl over InstaMessage, the messaging app of Instagram. We met up a couple of weeks afterwards and gosh! She looked nothing like her Instagram pictures,” one male user complained.

According to Instagram, this is just one of a number of such complains they receive on a daily basis. “We do not mind people using the built-in digital filters, but to use the #NoFilter tag when you have actually applied filters to your photos is nothing short of deception and that is what we intend to prevent with this new ban,” said a company official.

The #NoFilter tag is one of the photo-sharing platform’s most popular hashtags. It’s used by its users to let their followers know when they post a picture without placing one of Instagram’s built-in filters over it, but the consistent abuse of this feature has moved company officials to take such a drastic action.

Company officials have also released photos from a number of users with the #NoFilter tag when they have actually been edited with one of the built-in filters.


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