Letter To Charter House

Following the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) on Saturday, Ghana’s number 1 letter writer, has reportedly sent yet another letter to Charter House, the event organisers.

The letter was however devoid of the usual off-colour language that was contained in earlier messages. He indicated that although he has ended the feud with the event organisers, he will only make an appearance at next year’s event if the following points are addressed.



1. Charter House should change its name to Shatta House because everybody like my tin!



2. If I will mount the stage next year, then I want to be the only thing shinning on the stage not a million and one light bulbs. I suggest that Charter House hires an experts from ECG to regulate the lights on the stage.



3. The least said about this lousy attempt to copy the Ellen DeGeneres’ group selfie, the better. Let’s just leave the cheap imitations to the Chinese



4. Never again should this be allowed on live TV. Mr Lover Man is putting all other men under undue pressure to invent spectacular ways to pop the big question. Boys abr3!



5. Artistes should be limited to a number of 5 people in their entourage when they come on stage to pick up their awards. Either you enforce this limit or I will have the whole of Nima on stage with me next year.




6. How did Charter House allow this?! The only place these two men should be seen together is in the boxing ring.



7. And the only place this shameless woman should be seen is in handcuffs being carted away by the fashion police.







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