Lydia Forson starts to rot hours after turning down a marriage proposal

The body of Lydia Forson has reportedly started to rot just hours after the popular actress denied herself the privilege of marrying a man with a known history of violence against women.

Doctors confirmed the actress is suffering from a special condition which only afflicts young females who refuse to settle for anything other than the best. The condition is most common in discerning and intelligent females and it is triggered by the refusal to grab the first opportunity to tie the knot with any man who proposes. “This condition is evidence that women are inferior and will remain so until they are liberated from this state by any man through matrimony,” explained one medical officer.

“The longer a woman remains unmarried, the more valueless she becomes and will eventually begin to rot as in the case of Miss Forson.”

Medical experts say the only way to fight this undesirable medical condition is to get married to any man who comes knocking, “even if he is a 100 year old rapist.”

The doctor treating Lydia Forson has prescribed “marriage to any random man as a cure for her condition.” The doctor explained that “all Miss Forson needs is a man, just any man to uplift her from her inferior state.”

He also offered free medical advice to all women who wish to avoid contracting this horrific condition. “According to some very accurate statistics from the book of Isaiah, the ratio of man to woman in 2014 stands at 1:7. Hence my advice to all the unmarried women is to take any man who comes knocking at your door before you start to rot.”

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