Mahama dissolves June 3 committee as Ga Trad. Council solves disaster mystery

President John Mahama has reportedly dissolved the five member committee set up to investigate the cause of the deadly explosion at a Goil filling station in Accra which claimed more lives than relief agencies can be bothered to count.

According to a government insider, the president decided to suspend the work of the committee after the Ga Traditional Council offered its expert findings on the June 3 disaster at a press conference yesterday. “We no longer need a committee to investigate the cause of the tragic event at Circle. The Ga Council has done that job for us,” he explained. 

The insider praised the chiefs for “swiftly identifying the exact cause of the explosion, something that would have taken the committee weeks to complete.” He was equally impressed with the chiefs’ expertise in fire and explosions. “These Mantses clearly have great expertise in such matters. All they needed was just a few minutes at the scene of the explosion to conclude that a boxing bout and the peaceful gathering of some citizens agitating for an end to the ongoing power cuts were the causes of the disaster. Such is the expertise of these chiefs. They don’t need weeks of forensic investigations.”

He also thanked the chiefs for “using their expertise in fire and explosions to dispel uneducated suggestions that the floods caused by the overwhelming amount of filth in the city and the general disregard for safety and precautionary procedures somehow contributed to the June 3 disaster.”

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