Millions of dads spend Father’s Day taking selfies

Millions of fathers around the world, on Sunday, became the proverbial lizard that showered himself with praises because no one else will praise him for jumping from the high iroko tree.

Unlike Mother’s Day when children openly celebrate their mothers and shower them with gifts, daddy’s on their special day resorted to shameless self-promotion and self-praise on the various social networking sites. Many fathers used the opportunity to grab a quick selfie with their children which they instantly uploaded onto Facebook and Twitter.

One father who had just posted a selfie of himself and his sleeping infant daughter confessed that the recent phenomenon of fathers posting pictures of themselves and their babies on Father’s Day has left him confused. “Is this a day for children to celebrate their dads or a day for dads to celebrate themselves holding their newborn babies? I’m really confused. Now I’m not even sure what Father’s Day is about any more,” quipped the confused dad.

Another selfie-posting dad explained that the shameless self-promotion on the various social networking sites is because “fathers have had enough of being short-changed” when it comes to such celebrations. “Mothers don’t have to resort to such desperate measures because we all seem to be very willing to celebrate them openly but it seems children are less generous when it comes to fathers.”

He opined that “daddies will stop the shameless self-promotion if they are given the same schmaltzy treatment mothers receive on their special day.”

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