Obinim to kick pregnant Obour in the belly to induce labour

Pastor Daniel Obinim will use his special labour inducing miracle karate kicks on the heavily pregnant MUSIGA president in an attempt to help speed up the arrival of Obour’s overdue baby.

Obour’s pregnancy has been one of the most well kept secrets in Ghana’s entertainment industry but it all was unravelled last night when pictures of Obour’s bump emerged online. Although the news came as a complete surprise, fans of the musician and current president of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) took to Twitter and Facebook to express their excitement and to also send congratulatory messages. One fan on Twitter wrote: “Congrats! Aboa Konkonti has finally grown into an Aponkyereni” while another wondered when the baby will be due: “Congrats! When are you due?”

Friends of the musician confirmed that he is “weeks overdue” and has consequently solicited the help of the bishop-turned-midwife, Daniel Obinim. The bishop’s miracle kicks gained public attention after a video emerged showing the bishop kicking the belly of a pregnant woman in an apparent attempt to miraculously induce labour.

A friend of the pregnant musician who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed the sex of the baby. “It’s neither a boy nor a girl. Obour is just pregnant with MUSIGA funds.”