Power Minister sets up commission to establish distinction between ‘dumsor’ and ‘load shedding’

In keeping with the current trend of setting up committees as a solution to all our national challenges, the Power Minister has set up a committee to establish a clear distinction between the terms ‘dumsor’ and ‘load shedding.’

Honourable Dr.Kwabena Pinocchio Donkor has been widely accused of pulling the plugs on a promise to resign if he is unable to end the on-going power crisis by December.

According to the minister, the 12-member committee will be responsible for providing “a sound intellectual basis” to support his refusal to resign next month. He was confident that the committee will back his assertion that ‘dumsor’ is as dissimilar from ‘load shedding’ as night is from day.

The head of the committee welcomed the challenge but was quick to admit that the task at hand is a difficult one. “It’s like trying to convince yourself that Ivory Coast and Côte d’Ivoire are two different entities,” he explained.