Prez creates Ministry of Power Barges amid further power plant delays

President John Mahama has created the Ministry of Power Barges, which will be responsible for cobbling together “new and creative excuses” to explain the length of time it is taking to deliver the “emergency” power plants from Turkey.

The delivery of the power plants, originally scheduled for April, then September then November, was previously overseen by the Ministry of Power- which was itself created from the energy ministry with a promise to bring a sharper focus into ending the long-standing electricity crisis that has slowed economic growth and frustrated citizens with frequent power cuts.

The new power barges minister according to the official statement will be “responsible for producing an exhaustive list of excuses to drag out the delivery date closer to the commencement of election campaign.”

A source at the Flagstaff House confirmed the new ministry will be headed by a deputy police commissioner currently in charge of the Ghana Police Emergency Response Unit. He noted that the minister designate possesses “an excellent track record in delivering timely emergency response.”

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