Severe weather warning issued for Accra Mall area as dozens are seen wearing leather jackets

The area within the Accra Mall and the shopping centre’s car park is expected to experience bitterly cold weather conditions while the rest of Accra and the country enjoys pleasantly warm sunshine with temperatures varying between 24-28 degrees, according to forecasts from the Meteorological Department.

The chief forecaster revealed that their satellites have picked up images of an “increasing number of people wearing leather jackets, hoodies, jumpers, wooly huts, snoods and all sorts of other cold weather outfits within the walls of the Accra Shopping Mall, prompting the Met to conclude that a wintry blast within the shopping centre is imminent.”

“All the meteorological studies we have conducted show no signs of any kind of extreme wintry conditions, but with people dressed like a German borga on a cold winter’s day in Hamburg, we can safely conclude that the weather within the shopping mall is well below freezing.”

He encouraged the rest of the public to continue dressing sensibly as the wintry blast seems to be a condition felt only by certain individuals within the Accra Mall. He further explained that this wintry blast is the result of a phenomenon called ‘copying blindly’- and he warns that its effects could cause individuals to shamelessly wear fur coats and winter boots in the blazing sun just because that is how they see western celebrities dress on TV.

The chief forecaster was however grateful to the leather-jacket-wearing mall troopers for unwittingly alerting the Met of the impending wintry storm within the Accra Mall.

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