SM Youth and High Grade Family battle to recruit Lil Win as brand ambassador

Shatta Movement (SM) Youth and High Grade Family, the two main dancehall clans in Ghana are reportedly locked in another battle to recruit the popular comedian, Lil Win as their brand ambassador.

Lil Win who is currently the brand ambassador of telecom giant MTN, is believed to have attracted sudden interest from both SM Youth and High Grade Family following his comedy act over the weekend which reportedly involved a bag of cannabis.

Although MTN is seemingly uncomfortable with Lil Win’s on-stage antics, SM Youth and High Grade Family have reportedly upped their ratings for the popular comedian and are both working behind the scenes to snap up Lil Win to represent their respective brands.

A brief statement purported to have come from the SM Youth camp said: “Lil Win’s act over the weekend confirmed him as an eccentric and unconventional character, and these are traits that personifies the SM brand. We are confident that Lil Win will enter the SM net ‘cos everybody like our tin.”

High Grade Family also followed with a statement saying, “Lil Win’s off-centre comedy sketch has made him a forerunner to represent our brand. High Grade Family is a very unique and peculiar brand and we believe Lil Win represents that. He is a popular entertainer, but with us his popularity will explode like a time bomb.”

Branding experts believe that after his blazing performance over the weekend, Lil Win has set himself up as the smoking hot candidate fit to represent either one of these two dancehall brands.

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