Woyome releases remix of Akon’s hit single Mr. Lonely

Remember Akon, the Senegalese-American R&B and hip hop singer? Remember his 2003 hit single ‘Lonely’? Well, that track is set to make a comeback. A Ghanaian con music artiste by the name of 51mil Woyome has teamed up with Akon to remix the Mr. Lonely track.

YesiYesi Ghana’s entertainment editor has been able to get hold of an exclusive copy of the lyrics of the track that is expected to take the air waves by storm in the coming weeks.

I’m Mr. Lonely
I have nobody
To call my own

Yo, this one here
Goes out to all my fellow looters of the national purse,
When you’re signing those dubious contracts and the money is coming in, everyone is your friend.
And then one day, one day, a Martin Amidu walks in and all your friends disappear.

Yeah, I woke up in the middle of the night
And I noticed my friends weren’t by my side
Coulda sworn I was dreamin’
Cos only yesterday we were chillin’ with the remains of that 51 mil
Big cars, big houses we bought them all.

Can’t believe these friends have left me
After we spent the 51 mil together
Never thought the day would come
When they’d get up and run
And I would be out chasing them
Tellin them please help me repay this 51 mil

Now they’ve unfriended me on Facebook
And blocked me on WhatsApp
I’m so lonely
I’m Mr. Lonely

The track, which was produced by Kessben studios, is available for download on iTunes at a knockdown price of Ghc 51 million.

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