The YesiYesi newspaper review- Climate Change

Climate Change

Activists in Paris ahead of the UN summit in Paris are at best late comers to the game, basically they are mindless copy cats. They, mostly white Europeans, are protesting over global warming and seem unimpressed with the efforts African governments are contributing to heating up engines of tension, internal party politics– across the board, across the country and across the world. Meaning what?

In case the hippy crowds in frozen Europe don’t know, in Ghana, the Black Star of Africa, our President John Dramani Mahama, currently in Malta at the Commonwealth Heads of Mission meeting has demonstrated home-grown leadership. He left Ghana either on the presidential jet (we have 2 or?!!!) or his brother’s leased/owned private jet, (same difference, the tax payer pays, no explanation required as to who was ferried freebie to do what and the environmental footprint is shege) to have dinner with the Queen. Self-respecting social democrats must after all bow to their identified colonial oppressor and beg for further grants, soft loans, visas, invitations to cocktails ….

H.E. Mahama is fully alert. Competent in his decision making, never mind what his ghost written autobiography says about his legendary inadequacies and inability to make and hold a firm decision, H.E. has plugged for months, that the arrival of only one of the Turkish built barges that will at 3 times the cost and for a limited period only, provide a third of the energy deficit that Ghana has by burning oil and thus contributing further to our carbon footprint.

Feeling left out of the outdooring, Mr. Mahama quietly promised before he left Ghana for cooler climates, that he would actualise his home grown packaging by ensuring that anyone who attended the ceremony when he wasn’t there to take full credit will be hitherto issued be with a self drive Kantanka 4 wheel drive, a Kantanka locally produced television set and Kantanka air conditioner. For life. Come and see back peddling. The National House of Chiefs, with their proud ancient heritage that should have seen them fully endorse Kantanka have widened up to the global climate change. With their royal eyes tuned firmly to pre-election gas guzzling Land Cruiser giveaways, they were a no show. Only the nobodies were invited. Or attended. For full carbon credits, the chance of a wide slavish grinning public handshake with H.E. that should score political points, with an air conditioned fuelled V8, the memo to the select few was wait until the full tax payer funded jamboree when Opana is back in town. Nananom are dusting off their abysinnia ‘gold’ regalia and tattered kente cloths for the dignified occasion.

Speaking of blowing hot air in public and creating lasting damage, former President John Agyekum Kufuor has asked Ghanaians to be brutally frank with their political leaders. Emboldened by JAK’s words, the besieged (some say confused) NPP leadership has finally found the courage and tabled a motion to ask their former colleague and 2 times presidential candidate when he will stop fuelling and funnelling their El Nino know as Afoko in his quest to blow up the party.

Yesi Yesi reporting live from the Kempinski hotel in Accra, we are trying, admittedly not very hard, the ac’s are on, the V8’s are gleaming …. to establish who owns all this but more importantly, does Afoko benefit from the construction of this marvellous edifice.