The morning review continued- Double Duty

Double Duty

The Municipal Chief Executive of Suhum, Samuel Fletcher who lost at the recent NDC’s primaries has now resigned as MCE. For some reason the man thinks that his continued stay in office, after he has clearly demonstrated his partisan allegiance, might create a conflict of interest.

The Mayor of Accra who sailed through the primaries will however continue to stay in office. As will all other local government executives, drawing public salaries, signing contracts and campaigning from their non-partisan offices for the NDC and themselves in 2016 elections. The wannabe MPs have served notice that they will be claiming double salary for providing double duty.

With the arrival of one of the two Turkish barges to provide emergency power for Ghana, the Ministry of Power and the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission will both be issuing new tariffs. For some reason the PURC thinks it has a mandate to set tariffs. Their bill will continue to be calculated in GHS. The Ministry responsible for bringing in the barge at considerable cost in USD, will have to fuel the barge at considerable cost in USD and will thus be charging consumers directly, at considerable cost in USD. Double tariffs, double duty.

Engineers and Planners has been contracted on sole source at considerable cost in USD to build the platform that the Turkish barge will sit on, will serve double duty and collect the USD component of electricity bills from all consumers. At considerable cost. E and P is run by Ibrahim Mahama, the brother of the President who serves double duty; as Minister of Transport- his private jet flew millions in cash to Brazil to pay the Black Stars and as Minister for Works and Housing- using government equipment to dredge the Odaw canal, at considerable cost. In USD.

YesiYesi reporting live, twice today, at considerable cost.