5 Ways To Gain $1M Outside Politics

Following the Vikileaks episode, Politicians Unite, the governing body of the political profession has reported a phenomenal rise in the number of applicants seeking to join this honourable profession.

The regulatory body is however less than pleased as it projects politicians’ already meagre incomes will take a big hit with any increase in their numbers without a corresponding increase in the nations income and donor funds.

They have consequently set out measures to tighten the entry requirements into this noble profession to prevent every Kwame, Jerry and John from getting through.

In addition to this, they have released a list of other career paths through which the Ghanaian youth can achieve the $1m dream within the shortest possible time. They assured worried citizens these alternative career paths will undoubtedly guarantee any Ghanaian gains $1m quicker than Nkrumah gained us independence.

YesiYesi News is happy to bring you this exclusive list:

1.Start Your Own Church
3.Transport bags of white substances found randomly floating on Ghana’s coastline to clients abroad.
4.Marry an Oil Tycoon, a Babatunde or a Footballer- European based players only!
5. Become a Visa connexion Man

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