Political parties include ‘promise to buy ambulances’ on list of empty campaign promises 

Political parties contesting the November general elections have all updated their list of empty campaign promises to include “a promise to purchase more ambulances and medical equipments for the Ghana Ambulance Service.”

The parties are convinced “voters will fall for any promise that mentions ‘ambulances’,” after last Wednesday’s Kintampo-Tamale Highway accident which tragically claimed 71 lives also exposed the weaknesses of our woefully under-resourced emergency response services.

A joint statement released by the political parties said all the parties have “unanimously agreed to add ‘a promise to buy more ambulances’ to the list of 2016-campaign-promises-we-never-intend-to-fulfil.” The statement noted that the only thing the politicians actually intend to buy are V8-powered vehicles for themselves.

An honourable member of parliament who was present at the release of the joint statement added that this new empty promise, in addition to “the usual doling out of free bags of rice and gallons of oil, should be enough to secure him his seat come November.”