Facebook creates ‘Jokers’ reaction button for posts on apish MPs behaviour during SOTN

You know that frustrating moment when you saw that Facebook video post of those clowns honourable members of parliament waving bits of paper in the air while singing and shouting at each other like school children on the playground– and you want to express your vexation but the ‘like’ and all the other 5 new reaction buttons somehow wouldn’t cut it?

Well, the social media network has created a special ‘Jokers’ reaction button which will allow users in Ghana to appropriately react to video posts of their apish MPs clowning around during yesterday’s State of The Nation Address.

According to Facebook, the decision to develop the ‘Jokers’ reaction button was taken a year ago when Ghanaian legislators engaged in similar jocular antics during the same event.

“We’ve been listening to Ghanaians complain about the lack of more appropriate ways to easily and quickly express how they feel about posts of honourable MPs behaving like petulant children,” Facebook said today. “That’s why we have created the new button to give you a more fitting way to share your reaction to posts on the cacophonous tone of proceedings during yesterday’s State of The Nation Address.”

The social media network is confident that the new button will also find extensive use on all posts relating to the general behaviour of parliamentarians as well as government officials.