57 Ghanaians request asylum in the Isle of Flagstaff House, claiming economic violence

Officials have confirmed that 57 Ghanaian citizens have requested asylum in the Isle of Flagstaff House, claiming that the violent economic situation in Ghana makes it unsafe for them to go back. The Ghanaians who are believed to have entered the wealthy island on a 2-hour visitors’ pass have refused to leave and subsequently filed asylum seekers’ applications in the office of the chief of staff.

The Isle of Flagstaff House, located inside the Republic of Ghana, is widely viewed as an immigration nation with a large percentage of its population being of Ghanaian descent. The belief that with a combination of greed, deceit and thievery, anyone can pull themselves up in the Isle of Flagstaff House continues to drive many Ghanaians to travel to the island to try their luck. “My cousin moved here 2 years ago, now he has been able to build a big house back home in Ghana and has also acquired several cars. Here, with a little bit of greed, you can achieve anything and that is why I have come to try my luck. Forget about moving to America or the UK or Brazil, this place is the new borga land,” said one of the asylum seekers.

Although the island is only a stone throw away from the Repbulic of Ghana, the two states are distinctively different. While Ghanaians speak a load of local languages with English as their official language, citizens of the Isle of Flagstaff House speak a single language; Gibberish. “Even their wage system is different from what we had in Ghana. We received monthly wages and even that wasn’t paid on time most of the time, but here in the Isle of Flagstaff House, people get their monthly wages in addition to something they call ‘kickbacks.’ These kickbacks are mostly paid in dollars and are delivered in brown envelopes. People here get paid hefty amounts for little work done. These are the ones who know the true meaning of ‘work and happiness’ not Ghanaians,” observed an amused asylum seeker.

“And they have artificial winter season here in the Isle of Flagstaff House. No wonder the people here have nice skin. I used to think it was only cocoa butter and akonfem oil that can give you nice skin,” he added.

The 57 Ghanaians will remain in a detention centre while their applications are considered by the island’s authorities.



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