57,000 Mermaids on electoral register of coastal regions- GFP

Ghana Freedom Party (GFP) says an investigative team led by its founder and presidential candidate, Akua Donkor, has uncovered evidence that over 57,000 mermaids have registered as Ghanaian voters.

Speaking at a press conference this morning, the party’s leader said the mermaids crossed over from the Atlantic Ocean to register in constituencies along the coast. This phenomenon, she said, is similar to what happens all along Ghana’s porous borders.

The party also alleged that the presence of foreigners in the voters’ register was not limited to the border regions alone but extended to the inland regions where “borgas from mainly Germany and Italy have also bloated the register.”

Akua Donkor said she did not have access to facial recognition technology but her advanced memory bank was able to match several faces on the voters’ register to faces of certain individuals she met on her recent taxpayer-funded visit to Italy. “I have seen people I saw on tomato farms in Italy in the voters register,” she alleged.

Despite the disturbing findings, GFP stopped short of calling for a new register, observing that the “EC’s budget for this year does not include expenses for a new voters register.”