A guide to a trouble-free passage through police checkpoints

Worried about being caught drink-driving this holiday season? Breath easy! A guide book has been put together for all the partygoers who plan on drinking under the influence of alcohol.

The book provides answers to all the usual questions posed by the police when you are stopped at one of the numerous police check points that are dotted around Accra after dark. “The Ghana Police Service has a set of tactical questions used to determine who is driving under the influence of alcohol or driving an uninsured or a stolen vehicle,” the book reveals.

“These set of questions are so thorough the touch-light-waving policemen and women who set up check points in the capital to apprehend drink-drivers and armed robbers do not have to physically inspect your tax disc, insurance policy documents or even use breathalyser to determine if a driver is over the legal limit.”

The book goes on the state the top five questions a driver should expect to be asked at a police check point.

1. Where are you going boss?

2. What did you get us from town?

3. Where is our sallah present?

4. Have you had a little to drink today?

5. I’ve closed ohh, can I get a lift to circle?

With these five killer questions, the police expect to flash out those driving under the influence of alcohol, armed robbers and car thieves.

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