Achimota Forest To Become Lions’ Den For Prayer Warriors


The government has defended its decision to convert the Achimota Forest into a wild animals’ haven, saying the move is aimed at testing the faith of the many prayer warriors who throng the forest for prayers and meditation.

The new look Achimota Forest will have a theme modelled after the biblical Daniel in the lions’ den story. YesiYesi News can confirm this theme park will have the very best of the African wildlife- Hippos, black mambas, buffalos and rhinos. This place will not be for the faint hearted or indeed men of little faith.

In an impassioned statement, the government’s spokesperson is reported as saying, “For all the early morning and late night singing and indiscernible tongue they speak, these warriors must be put to test. They promise visas, cars and mansions just like us politicians, so they too must be tested just like we get tested during the electioneering season…..politicians abr3! These prayer warriors will have to prove themselves just like Daniel did!”

The warriors have welcomed this challenge saying it is a win-win situation for them. Whoever survives the test stands to gain more followers for their faith and he that gets devoured would have fast tracked his meeting with the maker.

These are truly exciting times and YesiYesi will surely be at the grand opening of this theme park!

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