AFAG and #OccupyGhana jealous of Yvonne Nelson

Information reaching our reporters indicate that the leadership of the Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) have been caught in the iron grip of jealousy after the #DumsorMustStop vigil over the weekendThe group, which was basically formed as the NPP version of NDC’s Committee for Joint Action (CJA), has, since its inception, never organised any demonstration worthy of the name. Our informants report that the AFAG leadership were green with envy as they watched Yvonne Nelson march triumphantly at the head of a massive crowd to protest against the electricity crisis. 

The AFAG leaders are said to have hurriedly called a meeting at which they slapped together a concoction of ‘fool-proof strategies to ensure that the next demonstration is going to be a mammoth one.’ Key among their mix of strategies is to come up with a hash-tag. ‘A hash-tag was the secret to Yvonne Nelson’s successful protest. And we should make sure we incorporate it into our next move,’ one of the AFAG apparatchiks said. 

At the moment, all is set for the next AFAG demonstration. The only thing missing is what to demonstrate about. To this end, they plan to dramatically increase their social media presence, sending numerous tweets designed to catch the attention of the government’s communication team and elicit a vitriolic response from government’s bungling communicators. ‘Once a government communicator fires the first insult,’ they were said to have concluded at the meeting, ‘we’ll spring into action and summon a million Ghanaians to join us demonstrate. And then we’ll demand that Mahama resign.’

If government communicators fail to bite the bait, their Plan B is to demonstrate over the missing pages in Mahama’s ECOWAS speech.

Meanwhile, our well-placed sources in #OccupyGhana also tell us that they are almost as jealous as AFAG. But Occupy has a little saving grace. ‘At least, we have an excuse,’ a leading member of the pressure group is reported to have said, ‘our excuse is that it rained when we had our demonstration last year. As for AFAG, they have no excuse.’