AG’s Dept vows to defend all other state looters

The Attorney General’s Department has reiterated its solemn pledge to defend the national interest all individuals who have swindled gargantuan sums of money from the state.

This comes only a day after the department successfully defended Alfred Woyome against a charge of defrauding the people of Ghana. According to insiders, this pledge is aimed at restoring confidence in the Attorney General as the chief legal representative of Ghanaians gargantuan criminals and their collaborators in high places who continue to line their pockets with more of the nation’s depleting wealth. An insider remarked that “yesterday’s performance has enhanced the department’s reputation as the legal defender of the national interest rich and powerful.”

Another source inside the department also expressed hope that other Ghanaians in the same line of business as Mr. Woyome can draw lessons from yesterday’s victory. “In our banana republic, you don’t need a defence attorney, you need the Attorney General,” he remarked.

After successfully engineering Woyome’s court victory yesterday, the department is confident that all other big men and women and their friends who are engaged in the lucrative business of fleecing the nation can continue operating with confidence and in the knowledge that they can escape any punishment for all financial wrongdoings against the state.

Our sources also revealed that the Attorney General’s department will soon embark on a recruitment drive to find young and talented lawyers who are capable of putting up shambolic court performances to ensure the acquittal of gargantuan criminals.

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