Akua Donkor’s pastor challenges pro-NPP pastors to an Aaron/Pharaoh staff-to-snake contest

A popular clergyman has waded into the ongoing rumpus over “which pastor belongs to which party” with a disclosure of his leanings towards Akua Donkor’s Ghana Freedom Party (GFP) and a challenge to face-off “pro-NPP pastors” in a bible-inspired contest.

Reverend Archbishop Major General Dr. T. B. Duncan-Judas, CEO and founder of the Holy Gospel Anointed Mountain Of Abundant Faith and Blessings International Believers Ministries, says he wants to engage all pro-NPP clergymen in a contest reminiscent of the biblical story of Aaron and Moses turning a staff into a snake that swallowed the snake-staff of Pharaoh’s wise men and sorcerers.

Akua Donkor has welcomed the latest public flirtation between a clergyman and her party, and hopes the prophet’s close association with her party will influence his congregation to vote for GFP in next year’s general elections. “The prophet has enormous influence over the thousands who attend his church. When he tells them to jump, they ask- ‘how high?’ It’s an unquestioning obedience. Thousands look up to T. B. Duncan-Judas for inspiration and direction in all aspect of their lives, so we can be sure his political leanings will swing votes in our favour,” explained the founder and leader of the Ghana Freedom Party. She added that the prophet will be rewarded with the lead role in all national religious functions if she becomes president.

GFP insiders disclosed that the prophet’s first assignment as the official pro-GFP pastor is to settle the dispute between Akua Donkor and Yaro Bameezima, the party’s candidate in the recent Talensi by-election who was fired after accusing the party’s founder of pocketing campaign funds. Insiders also confirmed that T. B. Duncan-Judas “will not engage any pro-NDC pastors in such a contest because of Akua Donkor’s close association with the ruling party.”

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