AMA to tax tourists visiting Nkrumah Interchange

A glimpse of the rubble and excavators scattered across the construction site of the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange will cost a few Cedis from next week.

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly is set to introduce a new tax- on visitors to the construction site, designed to substantially increase the metropolitan assembly’s revenue stream.

The introduction of this charge comes only days after the President revealed in a speech that “the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange project has become a tourist attraction in Accra and many people come and stand to look at the wonderful work that is going on.”

The President’s statement is believed to have whipped up interest in this previously unknown tourist site. “Within the coming weeks, we are expecting about 195,700 tourists to flood in from all four corners of the country,” revealed a source at AMA. He explained that “the revenue from this new tourist tax will go into filling pockets in Accra.”

He also described the uncompleted interchange as a form of “contemporary arts” which is set to attract art lovers from far and near. “These people you see gawking at this construction site are not some unemployed youths with nothing better to do. These are avid art lovers who will pay any amount of money just to catch a glimpse of the dirt and rubble on display.”

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