An open letter to the OccupyFlagStaff group

Dear OccupyFlagStaff group,

Thank you for taking a break from tweeting to read this. We are sure you are itching to check that notification that just appeared on your Facebook page so we will go straight to the point.

We have heard you small boys and girls will be gathering at the Flagstaff House early tomorrow morning to disturb the honourable president’s sleep. Are you inconsiderate people not aware that 1 July is a public holiday? What has this man done to deserve such harsh treatment. The president clearly deserves praise for the great job he has done so far. Only a few of days ago, he placed Ghana firmly in the international media limelight by sending over $3 million cold, hard cash to our football team in Brazil. He managed to raise over $3 million in cash despite the current economic situation. Such resourcefulness should be applauded. The doctors, university lecturers and teachers can wait. Their services are evidently not as important.

Let’s make this clear, politicians can disturb our peace of mind with their loud PA system during electioneering periods but citizens cannot do the same when they are unhappy with their elected leaders. You cannot bother the nation’s leader with your petty complaints. Just because your business is collapsing due to the erratic supply of electricity does not mean you can get up on a public holiday to present a petition to register your displeasure. That is just being insensitive. Please allow the president to slumber in his air-conditioned room for a little while, he deserves it.

Just because business activities are slowly grinding to a halt because of the fuel shortage does not mean you can bother a slumbering president on a public holiday. When you wake up tomorrow morning, the Cedi will be at a new low. Your savings would have lost even more value and a countless number of businesses will be moving closer and closer to financial collapse. The prices of commodities keep soaring, it is becoming harder and harder to survive each day but you still have no right to trouble a slumbering president, definitely not on a public holiday. That is just pure wickedness.

You small boys and girls have no reason to disturb your slumbering president and his appointees for the inept handling of the economy. This nation was not built on protests. Our founding fathers did no such thing. Nkrumah merely made big speeches and sat at home till the British administrators left, didn’t he?

From the Akuapem Mountains with love,

Seven Wise Dwarfs

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