Anas Uncovers Plot To Alter The Story of Easter

A brilliant piece of investigative work by our undercover reporter, Yesi Anas Yesi, has uncovered a plot by Ghanaian politicians to erase the message of selfless leadership from the story of Easter.

Yesi Anas Yesi, who posed as a ‘house boy’ in the home of a prominent politician, has several video recordings of conversations between the politician and a number of other top executives from all the political parties in Ghana. According to Yesi Anas Yesi, several meetings were held at the home of the politician to discus plans to coax church leaders all over Ghana to avoid mentioning Christ’s selfless sacrifice in their Easter sermons. The politicians want church leaders to rather focus their Easter messages on forgiveness and new beginnings.

In one of the secret recordings, an honourable member of parliament, is heard saying, “Tweeaaa! We can’t allow these pastors to keep mentioning the fact that Jesus served his followers and ultimately sacrificed his life for them. Such a message will only remind Ghanaians of our greed and incompetence. It is essential that we persuade these preachers to focus on the message of forgiveness and new beginnings. These messages will condition the minds of Ghanaians to readily accept our pleas for second chances when the election campaigns kick off.”

Another politician suggested that fellow politicians who make appearances at public gatherings during the Easter season should make a conscious effort to use phrases such as “fresh start” and “new beginnings” in their speeches. “Ghanaians have a short memory anyway, with an unrelenting message of forgiveness and the passage of time, they will soon forget how much public funds we have embezzled.”

Copies of the video recordings have been handed over to the Ghana Christian Council to assist in their investigations.

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