….And Darkness Shall Cover The Land, Saith John


The Good News According To John

Chapter 2
The Kingdom of Darkness

1. And during the reign of Akomfemhene, the prophet of Dumsor marched against Sikaman with a whole army of excuses and laid siege to it.

2. And so John proclaimed, “hear ye people of the land of abundant sunshine and numerous natural resources!

3. Behold, darkness shall cover your land. And deep frustration upon the people.

4. But fear not for this is temporary. It shall last only another decade or two.

5. Just as I said in my earlier message, despair not my beloved, for we do not move by sight but by faith.

6. Your businesses will shut, and your children will strain their eyes to read by the candle light.

7. And your sleep will be laboured as the heat torments your body and sweat soaks your Latex Foam mattress.

8. But thou shall not speak out against the prophet of Dumsor.

9. Neglect not your mother’s advice my beloved; You shall not speak out against authority, for this is not the way of Sikaman.

10. And do not be tempted by pagans who by their might and self discipline have turned their desert kingdoms into evergreen lands.

11. Do not envy the pagans who by secret arts and magic have reclaimed land from the yawning jaws of the ocean and built upon them mighty cities.

12. Be content with the dumsor.

13. Be content with using the sun just to dry your cocoa seeds for export.

14. Be content with using the sun to dry your koobi, be content my beloved.

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