Appointment Committee to be renamed Rubber Stamp Committee

Parliament’s Appointment Committee will be renamed the Rubber Stamp Committee, a name which “better reflects the work of the committee.”

According to a source inside parliament, the name change is aimed at helping the general public to better understand the committee’s purpose. He explained that “the public has somehow mistaken Parliament’s Appointment Committee for a rigorous vetting body which is able to discern whether a nominee’s credentials matches the designated portfolio.”

A text outlining the work of the committee said: “the Appointment Committee will rubber stamp any persons nominated by the President for appointment as Ministers of State and their Deputies, Members of the Council of State, and such other persons specified under the Constitution or any other enactment.”

Members of the committee have welcomed the name change and assured the public of their commitment to continue rubber-stamping ministerial nominees. “Our job is to rubber stamp and we are committed to doing so efficiently. We will approve anyone the president nominates. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 35 year old man with the experience of a 17 year old high school student; if the president thinks this man will be able to manage the nation’s land and natural resources, then so be it,” opined one committee member.

Another assured the president of the committee’s commitment to rubber-stamp all his nominees. “Even if you nominate a dead goat, we will vet and approve it,” he said.

The committee members also reminded the public that the vetting proceedings are merely an extension of the circus that goes on in the main chamber of parliament.

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