Borga Borga Na 3y3 Den?


It has been a regular phenomenon for borgas to “drop down” during the Christmas season but the exceptionally high numbers turning up this year has placed girlfriends and sisters at an usually high risk.

Security experts are concerned and have warned that this situation if unchecked, will inevitably cause unrest in clubs, bars and joints etc.

The Ministry of Interior has accordingly issued a statement warning all borgas to desist from engaging in activities that may undermine the peace in the country during the Christmas season.

The statement which was read out by the ministry’s media officer implored borgas to play fair and to desist from using their borga flex unduly to win over other people’s girlfriends.

The media officer also urged boys boys not to panic. He noted that with the growth in the economy, he expects them to match these borgas cedi for the dollar or indeed the pound. He alleged that “…the economic situation in the west is so dire, all these borgas have over us these days is their borga scent, nothing more.”

Citing examples, he said, “UK borgas are so broke they buy children size jeans and call it skinny jeans…..we know times are hard but we are sure you can afford to pay extra for bigger adult size jeans.” He also warned US borgas not to come to Ghana to engage in what he termed “health tourism”. He said “….we know you people can’t afford private health care so please don’t come and abuse our NHS. Closing off he took a swipe at the South African borgas telling them to stop feigning US/ Canada accents.

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