Boy has a bizarre dream about Accra mayor donating 6 months salary to flood victims

A seven year old boy has had a bizarre dream in which he recounts seeing Accra’s mayor donating his 6 months salary to the victims of Wednesday’s floods.

The parents of the boy however say their little boy’s dream is nothing more than a child’s fantasy. “In a sane world, his dream may well come true. But my son is too young to know that silly ideas such as donating salaries do not cross the minds of our public officials. Not even when their negligence and ineptitude has resulted in the loss of lives,” remarked the mother.

The boy’s father also admitted that he was not holding his breathe. “It is more realistic for my son to expect snowfall in Accra than to expect Mr. Alfred Oko Vanderpuije to donate his salary to help victims of the floods and their families. Hundreds have lost their lives to the perennial floods since Mr. Vanderpuije took office in 2009. Not once has he given up his salaries to aid victims and their family.”

The parents apologised for their son’s naivity and advised the seven year old to “dream of less outlandish events like a camel passing through the eye of a needle.”

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