‘Bye till sometime next year’- politicians tell people of Talensi

The people of Talensi who have, for the past few weeks, become the darlings of all politicians are set to be blasted back to obscurity as soon as polls close later today. 

After weeks of political grandstanding, the battalion of politicians who had descended upon the electoral area on the by-election campaign trail are reportedly ready to bid farewell to the people of Talensi and head back to Accra- where they will remain until the electioneering campaign kicks off again sometime next year. 

The politicians say they expect to be hit by bouts of selective amnesia in the next 24 hours. This malady will cause the honourable politicians to conveniently forget all the campaign promises they solemnly made only a few days ago. 

A politician who spoke on behalf of all politicians from across the various political parties said: “Our job is done. We came, we saw, we conned- with wads of cash, bags of fertilisers and tonnes of empty promises. Now it’s time to head back to Accra and forget all about the people of Talensi till elections come up again.”