Can a 22 year old really do the work of an MP?

Elections often throw up surprises and the New Patriotic Party’s parliamentary primaries over the weekend did have its fair share of surprises. 22 year old Francisca Oteng Mensah from the Kwabre East constituency emerged as the ultimate giant slayer, rooting out Kofi Frimpong who has been in parliament since 2004.

The discourse following her surprise victory has centred around her experience or lack of it. Whether this 22 year old parliamentary candidate is mature and experienced enough to represent her people in parliament. Can this 22 year old match the calibre of intellect and experience currently occupying seats in our parliament? Can she make any meaningful contributions to parliamentary proceedings?

To answer these questions, we need to know what MPs do. So let’s remind ourselves of the splendid work our elected legislators have been doing. 

What do Ghanaian members of parliament actually do?


1. Act like school children, clowning around with sheets of paper


 2. Making clever decisions like purchasing chairs from China when they can be acquired locally  

3. Signing away our natural resources in exchange for China-made phones

4. The house is full of so much wisdom

5. Making stupidly profound scientific statements

6. No stupider words were ever spoken

 There we are. These are only a few of the sterling work our MPs do. So can a 22 year old adult do the work of an MP?

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