Church ushers and choir demand pay for services

The ushers, singers and instrumentalists at the Holy Gospel Anointed Mountain Of Abundant Faith and Blessings International Believers Ministries, have threatened to embark on an indefinite strike action if the church refuses to pay them for their services.

For decades, the group has been cleaning the church, ushering in worshippers and ministering to the congregation with their songs, all without remuneration. “We did it with a cheerful heart, but those were the days pastors led modest lifestyles and drove unostentatious cars with uncustomised number plates. Those were the days when the church wasn’t a big money business. Those were the days the pastor told us his reward as well as our reward is banked in heaven,” the group’s spokeswoman explains. “Things are different these days. The pastor is claiming his rewards here on earth and we also wish to do same.”

“Our request is simple; if the church is able to afford a private jet for its founder and CEO, then surely it can afford a mere Range Rover for the lead singer, who sings at all three Sunday services as well as the other 3 mid week services. If the church can afford plush mansions for the senior pastors, then it can afford a decent two bedroom house for that father who sweats buckets bashing those drums as worshippers revel in the excitement of the Sunday worship. If the church is able to afford Range Rovers for the junior pastors, then surely it can afford a Nissan Micra for the woman who comes to church on a trotro and is always the first in, wiping the chairs before service begins.”

The group was quick to add that they had no qualms with the material prosperity of their head pastor. “We are not complaining that he drives flashy cars or lives in multi million dollar mansions, no! And we are not complaining that he  would rather prophesy about who will win the World Cup than make prophesies about the whereabouts of the abducted girls. We are saying if there is enough coming in to allow for such extravagance, then maybe its time we get some earthly rewards for our efforts.”

Reverend Archbishop Major General Dr. Judas, founder and CEO of  Holy Gospel Anointed Mountain Of Abundant Faith and Blessings International Believers Ministries has responded to the groups demands, accusing them of greed and an unwholesome desire for worldly possessions. “How can they be paid for doing the work of God,” he retorted.





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