D is for dumsor; nursery sch re-writes phonics song to reflect current times

A nursery school in Accra has become the first in the country to alter a major part of its teaching material to include vocabulary that a 21st century Ghanaian child will encounter in their everyday communication with parents and other members of the society.

The popular children’s phonics song which previously read, ‘A’ is for apple, ‘B’ is for boy, ‘C’ is for cat and ‘D’ is for dog has been re-written to “fully prepare children for life in today’s Ghana,” according to the school’s headmistress. The new version includes changes like ‘A’ is for akonfem, B is for backward and ‘D’ is for dumsor.

The headmistress stressed that it is the responsibility of educators and the national education authorities to constantly restructure the early years curriculum in a way that makes it relevant to the present and future lives of children. She said, “apart from words like mama and dada, research has identified dumsor as the most important and relevant word used by Ghanaian children in their everyday communication. “It is therefore important that educators begin to incorporate this and other relevant vocabularies into children’s early years learning activities.”

A lot of parents have hailed the changes as a “fitting and true reflection” of the essential vocabularies needed by their children to facilitate effective day to day communication. Others also called for additions such as ‘C’ for clueless and ‘L’ for looters.

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