Demon of truth looking for door to enter Ghana– TB Duncan-Judas

Reverend Archbishop Major General Dr. T. B. Duncan-Judas has called on all citizens of the Kingdom of Looters to embark on a 3 day prayer and fasting session to ward off the “demon of truth which is looking for a door to enter Ghana.”

According to the founder and CEO of Holy Gospel Anointed Mountain Of Abundant Faith and Blessings International Believers Ministries, this revelation came to him “in a dream while he was resting.” He claims the demon is seeking to bring destruction by spreading the virus of truth, something that will bring doom to the Kingdom of Looters.

He explained that the demon usually manifests itself in “enemies of the kingdom like Ivor Greenstreet,” the General Secretary of the Conventions People’s Party (CPP) who is believed to have availed himself to be possessed by the demon of truth on Saturday when he delivered a dose of the virus of truth to Kingdom of Looters.

Reverend Archbishop Major General Dr. T. B. Duncan-Judas warned the people of the Kingdom of Looters about the dangers of allowing this demon to thrive in their midst. “These demons spread the truth- truths about worsening standards of living, truths about the worsening dumsor situation, truths about the illusive Better Ghana Agenda. We need to bind this truth demon with prayers or it will destroy us.”

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