Dictionaries updated as Halidu redefines ‘prostitute’ as unmarried 30yr old woman with an opinion

Are you an unmarried woman aged 30 years or over? Do you have strong opinions about the depressing socio-economic situation in Ghana? Are you frustrated by the lies and deceit of public servants? Are even more frustrated that your taxes are used to pay such incompetent individuals? Are you articulate and bold enough to express your views without fear of a sudden gush of vitriol and insults?

If you answered yes to the questions above then you, my sister, are a prostitute!

Dictionary publishers have been forced to carry out a review of the entry for the word ‘prostitute’ after a man purporting to be a Former Aide of the Chief of Staff at Executive Office of the President used the word to describe unmarried 30 year old female citizens.

A spokesperson for Oxford Dictionary confirmed that “thanks to disHonourable Halidu, all dictionary publishers will change the meaning of ‘prostitute’ to ‘an unmarried female aged 30 years and over who is outspoken about social issues and consequently deemed as a threat by insecure men who cannot articulate their point of view without resorting to gendered slurs.”

The spokesperson also revealed that “for his part in redefining the English language, disHonourable Halidu will have his name placed in the Oxford Thesaurus next to words like: crass, simple-minded, asinine and bootlicker.”

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