Dummi Baani and Shallow Desoso are a match made in StoneAge heaven

The business of matchmaking is largely a hit and miss affair. Sometimes pairings work, other times they don’t, but one matchmaking app is certain Dummi Baani and Shallow Desoso would have made one hell of a couple.

The developers of StoneAge, the mobile phone app which matches Ghanaian public figures based on their mutual interests and shared values explained “the app works on the assumption that all Ghanaian public figures are single and available to date.” The app searches through an extensive data of Ghanaian public figures. Each profile consists of a collection of the individual’s values and interests which have been deduced from his or her public utterances over a period of 5 years. The app allows you to enter a name and then generates the best suited life partner based on shared values and interests.

During the first ever public trial of this matchmaking app, Shallow Desoso was found to be best suited for Dummi Baani. The two received high compatibility ratings based on the fact that they both have a keen interest in expressing “crass and uneducated views” on complex and sensitive public issues.

StoneAge goes as far as giving examples of the “crass and uneducated views” proffered by these two- Daboya MP Nelson Abudu Baani, recently advocated for women accused of adultery to be hanged or stoned to death. Anita Desoso, the NDC’s National Women Organiser/The Deputy Coordinator of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO)/Dwarfs-Cedi depreciation theorist has once again dropped another bombshell, urging Ghanaians “to bear with” Dummi Baani for his repugnant statement. (Italicise)

“Dummi Baani and Shallow Desoso; now that’s a good pairing. They both seem to like stones and both are just as solid as stones,” remarked the app developers.

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