ECG to start generator rental services

It is often said that the surest way to make profits in a capitalist economy is to find a need and fill it; and the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) is doing just that.

Ghanaian football fans who may have expressed concerns over the erratic power supply during the upcoming World Cup can now abate their fears. The ECG has come up with a clever idea to ensure football fans can watch all the games without interruption.

The Electricity Company of Ghana has reportedly unveiled plans to launch a subsidiary company to offer generator rental services. The subsidiary company which will be known as Don’t Mind ECG Generator Rental Services, is believed to have taken stock of 1000 portable diesel powered generators from China and expects a further 500 to be added, depending on the level of demand after the commencement of initial operations. The subsidiary company will have the tagline; “Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt.”

A source inside ECG revealed the move was a last minute measure to make up for the failure of religious bodies in Ghana to pray for rain. “The religious people in this country have not prayed enough, that’s why we’re in this predicament. They have failed us but you all know ECG never fails Ghanaians. That’s why we have come up with this brilliant idea to help Ghanaians enjoy the games without any disruptions.”

According to the proposed plan, Don’t Mind ECG Generator Rental Services will have branches in all 10 regional capitals and it will provide rental as well as installation services for clients. Although rental rates are yet to be released, reports indicate that the rates will be perched slightly higher than current utilities rates. Our source inside the ECG indicated that this is only due to the fact that the generators will provide a more reliable power supply than what the ECG usually provides. The source also indicated that they will start off with a special promotion package to encourage patronage. This special promotion package will be known as “Say No To Dumsor” and it will be available to only those who have fully settled all their electricity bills.

Questioned why Ghanaians should continue paying electricity bills when they hardly receive any electricity supply from the ECG, the source simply retorted, “Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar.”

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