Electricity Comes & Goes

Contrary to media reports, officials claim there are no plans to privatise the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), the nation’s favourite utility provider. They however revealed plans to rebrand the ECG to reflect its performance, values and vision for the future.

“After much research and consideration, we have decided to rebrand the company with a new name to capture the essence of our performance over the years and to also provide a vision of the future.”

According to officials, the new look company will retain the old logo but the company will be renamed. “We have chosen the name, Electricity Goes & Comes (ECG). This new name captures all that the company stands for; our ability to abruptly cut off your electricity when you most need it,” said one official.

Officials stressed that the rebranding process will not mark a deviation from the excellent service Ghanaians have been receiving from the ECG. “We promise to continue providing Ghanaians with our excellent dumsor service, so they can expect more of their electrical appliances to be destroyed by the constant power outages. The Ghanaian public can also expect to hear more excuses from our top executives to hide our collective incompetence,” another official revealed.

The rebranding process will be kick started with unannounced power outages lasting 24 hours. “We want to show the true meaning of Electricity Comes & Goes,” one official added

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