Ex SADA Boss Saves CHRAJ From Financial Collapse

The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) has reportedly been rescued from the verge of financial collapse by the benevolence of a certain Gilbert Iddi.

Mr. Iddi, who happens to be the former Chief Executive of Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) was touched by reports that the commission’s investigation into his involvement in the Akomfem Saga has been hampered by the lack of resources.

The commission, which is yet to receive any budgetary allocation this year, thanked Mr. Iddi for his benevolence, “Mr. Iddi’s donation comes in at a very critical period. The commission was on the verge of financial collapse. We have had no financial support from government this year. The commission’s work isn’t all that important it seems, so the government will rather spend millions on wealthy footballers who claim to be immensely proud to represent Ghana. The commission hopes other honest and patriotic Ghanaians like Mr. Woyome will follow Gilbert Iddi’s lead to help save this corruption fighting agency from collapse.”

The former SADA boss is also reported to have donated tonnes of akomfem meat to be used to provide free lunch for the commission’s staff. With their daily portions of high quality akomfem assured, Mr. Iddi hopes “the commission’s staff can concentrate on the very difficult task of exposing corrupt officials.”

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