Flagstaff House to be renamed ‘The Politician’s Agbogbloshie’

The Flagstaff House, the current workplace of honourable Elvis Ankrah and more recently, honourable Kojo Adu-Asare, will be renamed after one of Ghana’s most recognisable landmarks, Agbogbloshie.

If all goes to plan, the Flagstaff House which is meant to be the official residence and office of the President of Ghana will be renamed ‘The Politician’s Agbogbloshie.’

As far as symbolic gestures go, this decision to rename the seat of the presidency after the world’s biggest e-waste site is seen as an indication of what the building has become. “Agbogbloshie was the obvious choice when the idea to rename the Flagstaff House was first mooted. The name is very Ghanaian and more importantly, it aptly captures the essence of what the seat of the presidency has become,” explained one Flagstaff House insider.

“The Flagstaff House is to incompetent government appointees what Agbogbloshie is to broken computers. It’s p-waste site.”

This new development has been hailed by many government appointees, revealed the Flagstaff House insider. “They can have the peace of mind to effectively implement the government’s Create, Loot and Share policy in the knowledge that when their work is done they will be shipped off to this p-waste site.”

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