Gen Mosquito’s secret stylist revealed!

General Mosquito is accused of a lot of things but no one can accuse the popular politician of not knowing how to make an entrance.

With a fur coat which seems to have been borrowed from Snoop Dogg’s wardrobe, Honourable Johnson Asiedu Nketia, the General Secretary of the ruling NDC announced his arrival in Germany in spectacular fashion. Photos of the General and his eye-catching fur coat rapidly spread online, prompting many Ghanaians to wonder who or what may have inspired this sudden and bold change.

We can reveal that Honourable Nketia’s fashion shenanigans in Germany was inspired by a lesser known Ghanaian fashionista who gained public attention sometime last year when he was photographed wearing an equally dazzling fur coat in Accra’s sweltering heat.


A source close to General Mosquito confirmed that the Ghanaian fashionista- identified as “Borga Fur Coat,” was put in charge of Honourable Nketia’s wardrobe for the duration of his trip to Germany. The source also revealed that “Borga Fur Coat” was hired not just to spruce up the General’s wardrobe but to also ensure that “his outfit generates enough media furore to swing attention from the fact that the leader of the land of gold and oil has become an international borga and beggar.”

Reports from Germany however indicate that the locals are unhappy with Honourable Nketia and his brown fur coat and have requested the German branch of the Fashion Police to arrest the General for flouting German fashion regulations.

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