Ghana Police Gets a New Look

The Ghana Police Service has rolled a new range of swanky uniforms as part of a campaign to redeem its tattered public image.

The new made-to-measure uniforms, which were out-doored yesterday at a catwalk show at the Police Headquarters, has been described by fashion pundits as sleek and stylish. Some of the outstanding features include the trendy slim fit shorts and the presidentially approved Horseman shoes, with reinforced heels as many service personnel have penguin feet. The shoes come with chic knee high black socks. Topping it all off is the essential Ray Ban sunglasses to shield their eyes while directing traffic under the blazing Ghanaian sun.

A spokesperson for the Police Service said, “The image of the service is not very flattering. We have become the butt of every bribery joke in the country. Members of Parliament are just as bad when it comes to the issue of ‘greasing palms’ yet they do not seem to get as much stick as we do!”

“And this is all down to one thing- how we dress. MPs, like all the other Ogas at the top wear ‘big-man’ suits and ties. ‘Big-man’ dressing so they get gargantuan kickbacks, gargantuan cars and gargantuan mansions; and no one dares to mock them. Police officers with our old, tattered, faded and often oversized uniforms command no respect and no authority, hence no gargantuan kickbacks. All we get is loose change from these trotro drivers!”

“Appearance, it seems, is everything. And so we hope these new top-of-the-range uniforms will give us the ‘big-man’ stature and prestige enjoyed by our Honourables. We hope our new uniforms will earn us ‘big-man’ respect and more importantly ‘big-man’ kickbacks and free us of mockery and derision.”

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